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Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC CMgr=Chartered Manager; FMCI=Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; FIC=Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

Microsoft Word Consultant

I have been using Microsoft Word and Excel intensively for over a decade to run complex operations across the world, specialising in spreadsheets that analyse data quickly, designing them to help improve business decisions and automating repetitive tasks.

I have a wealth of experience as a manager and consultant on operational planning and budgeting in addition to Word and Excel consulting, help and support through working for over 750+ organisations.

I pick up and understand business requirements quickly and enjoy helping people solve problems quickly, saving them both time and money.

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Karl Halabi, Reading Football Club

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Richard Jordan, Handcoded.co.uk

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Previous Word and Excel Consultant Work:

  1. Creating a dynamic Project Initiation document that allowed data entry in specific places and ways, and that completed later parts of the document automatically.
  2. Creation of automatic mail merge from Excel into Microsoft Word based on filters, creating different documents based on user-selected options.
  3. Analysis of financial data to create summaries and reports for accountants, operational managers and stockbrokers.
  4. Creation of management spreadsheets to analyse time lost from production line breakdowns.
  5. Spreadsheets for analysis and presentation of fitness and injury data for Premiership football clubs.
  6. Operational budgets of $159 million and $92 million for election management plus the creation of a generic template for future budgets.
  7. Calculation of election results for Kosovo and Afghanistan. Worksheets later used for printing and distribution the results to the worlds media.
  8. Creation of reporting tools that compile into central data analysis tool eg gathering data from workers in the field and compiling the data into one file and analysing it.
  9. HR spreadsheets - salary payments, days holiday, timesheets, recruitment tracking, staffing tables.
  10. Timelines for complex operations, such as planning the election operations for refugees living in 14 countries..
  11. Analysing of complex data eg searching for duplicates in list of voters, error anomolies in election results.
  12. Analysis of prices and quotes from suppliers to work out which is the best value.
  13. Creation of reports and graphs from large data sets.
  14. Calculators for quantities of materials eg what should the distribution of election material be for the whole of Afghanistan.
  15. Tracking and management of task lists of hundreds of items.
  16. Reporting and presenting statistics for the world media.
  17. Creation of a spreadsheet for printing cheques and envelopes for paying $2.25 million to 12,000 staff.
  18. Creation of double data entry system in Excel for accurate data entry.
  19. Timesheets for staff clocking in and out, with calculations of monthly hours.

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Word Training & coaching

I also do training & coaching for medium and advanced users of Word such as managers who already know how the basics and want to make more powerful use of it. This might be generally or for a specific project. I have previously trained many managers in the UK and around the world in Word to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

Topics can be individually taught or as part of a full training package:

  1. Document design or re-design.
  2. Formatting error correction.
  3. Mail Merge automation.
  4. Data entry forms creation.
  5. Business Process Automation.
  6. Automation of data processing and analysis.
  7. Creation of dynamic charts and reports for presentations.
  8. Bespoke document design and development using Word Macros (VBA).
  9. Excel to PowerPoint and Word integration.
  10. One-off problem solving.
  11. Password recovery and removal.
  12. Headers, Footers and Numbering Problems
  13. Tables
  14. Mail Merge - envelopes, labels, documents, letters
  15. Data Entry forms / protection / restrict editing
  16. Templates
  17. Styles
  18. Page Numbers / Page Numbering
  19. Watermarks
  20. Document Automation
  21. Standard Paragraphs
  22. Paragraph format
  23. Tracked Changes
  24. Table of contents
  25. Formatting
  26. Bullets and numbering
  27. AutoSummarize
  28. Linked images
  29. Page Layouts
  30. Margins
  31. Section Breaks
  32. Columns
  33. Clip art
  34. Citation / Bibliography Management
  35. Cross References
  36. VBA / Macros / Buttons
  37. Extract from PDF
  38. Smart Art
  39. Organisation Charts
  40. Spell checking
  41. Copy and Paste / Special
  42. Customize / Customise Ribbon
  43. Printing
  44. Print Preview
  45. Shortcut keys
  46. Line and paragraph spacing
  47. Page break
  48. Cover page
  49. Hyperlink
  50. Saving
  51. Read only
  52. Symbols
  53. Formula and Equations
  54. Auto correct
  55. Dictionary
  56. Foot notes
  57. Word, paragraph and letter count
  58. Fonts and font size

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word Expert Microsoft Certified
Chartered Manager

certified management consultant cmc
Certified Management Consultant

Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
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Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
PRINCE2 & MSP Practitioner, Project Management
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All business and management consultants services can be in Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007.
Expert help in Word is provided as part of general business consultancy.
Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire; working across the UK and abroad.

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